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Oeun Sreymom

What a lovely feminine name she has, Oeun Sreymom. She is a Khmer diva who sings in the Khmer Surin style, which has Thai flavorings. Oeun Sreymom started her career … Continue reading

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Dear CEO : Your Career Portal Sucks

HR is killing your company. A new book out titled Death by HR threatens to rip the lid off the sordid corporate HR hiring function and should be required reading … Continue reading

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Updated : Donald Trump Ate My Balls!

I spoke out about my shame nearly a year ago and was ignored.   Nobody listens when men cry out for help. Now the media is in a froth over … Continue reading

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Was Hitler an HR Professional?

Evidence : He was concerned about diversity and inclusion He wanted to keep undesirables out of the organization He had a process for dealing with under-performers He believed in growing … Continue reading

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Corporate HR Scrambles to Halt Publication of “Death by HR”

Nobody gets a job through HR. The purpose of HR is to protect their parent organization against lawsuits for running afoul of the government’s diversity extortion bureaus. HR kills companies … Continue reading

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Salon’s Uncanny Valley Between Feminism and Parody

With Salon it is hard to tell where the narrative ends and the parody begins. Two of these graphics are parody and two are not. Can you tell the difference? … Continue reading

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Did Clinton Really Swallow a Canary During the Debate?

Internet cranks are trying to spread a ridiculous story that the first 2016 presidential debate was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. While claims that she used secret hand signals … Continue reading

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