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What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

Today in Salon : Are House Bros Really a Thing?

Salon’s byline is Fearless Journalism, and their works of art aspire humbly to carry social justice in every line. Their photoshoppers are the best in the business!

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Chorm Chorpom

We looked at Chorm Chorporm in a previous post. Her singing style and stage presence are traditional yet very sexy. Such a contrast to our western female singers who have … Continue reading

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Today In Salon

Salon’s Motto : Fearless Journalism!

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Geezers! How to Stop Griping About Ageism and Find a Job

Silicon Valley corporate executives make a big to-do about bigotry while creating all-white zipcodes, importing HB workers, and flagrantly expelling older ones from their companies.  Bloomberg writes a typical “jobs-concern” … Continue reading

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Cambodians for Trump!

I am vindicated. Via Breitbart, an LA Times essay about the surprising diversity of Trump’s supporters at the opening of Trump’s new headquarters in Long Beach, California. The ceremony included … Continue reading

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Hillary Rodham Clinton is the HR Candidate

As a SIGINT blackout over Clinton’s recent health collapse envelopes our professional media elite, one can’t but be reminded of the purposeful dishonesty that pervades the halls of Encorpera. If … Continue reading

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Carrier Birth New Milestone for Our Feminized Military

A woman has given birth on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during operations in the Persian Gulf. She was “unaware” that she was pregnant and reported to the … Continue reading

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