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What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

Find Your Inner Chicken Feet

My sister-in-law has been making a lot of money selling fried chicken feet. I would never have considered this a food item but it’s a delicacy in some cultures. The … Continue reading

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Field Report : Employment Kampf

I have been through a round of employment game hijinx from which to glean useful tips for your practical application. I am also immersed in a money-making venture so haven’t … Continue reading

August 29, 2017 · 4 Comments

The Google Anti-Diversity Memo Controversy, Explained

Google has fired a senior software engineer for authoring a 10-page screed condemning the company’s diversity efforts and claiming men are biologically more predisposed to working in the tech industry … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

I have not been posting lately but am seeing a spike in traffic because it’s holiday time. I’ll be glad when it’s over and the new year begins. Since you … Continue reading

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DoD Releases Hot New Tech Opportunities in SBIR 2017

The 2017.1 Department of Defense SBIR solicitation (aka “request for proposals “) has just been released here. Scan through my posts to learn how to read the proposal requests and … Continue reading

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Tools for Managing Your Internet Addiction

You may be suffering from information overload and the distractions posed by unproductive internet consumption. Personally I have gotten in a bad habit of reading blogs and posting inane comments … Continue reading

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Improve Your Personal Productivity With the Free Elmer PDA

Many of my readers wonder how I get it all done; the blog, the book, my successful career, a fulfilling love life. Like most of you I struggle with the … Continue reading

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