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He’s Writing eBooks Now

Elmer T. Jones

Announcing Employment Game, the Book

Hi, I’m Elmer T. Jones. You may remember me from “The Spearhead” blog which departed the internet about a year ago. Back around 2010 I wrote some Spearhead essays on work search techniques titled “Employment Game” and recently decided to expand them into a book.

You can download a free 60-page preview here.

This blog will serve as a national clearinghouse for Employment Game information.

How I Produced the Book

I wrote the book using Scrivener and the Alphasmart Neo.

Scrivener is great and I will write some posts about it. I also wrote a Spearhead post about the Neo that failed to arouse reader passions but I still think it’s a beautiful writing tool. You can get one on Ebay now for about $20-40. It’s a chick magnet, let me tell you.

My formatting concept as I wrote Employment Game was for a 6×9″ non-fiction print book. When I converted to epub the visual appeal seemed lacking, but was able to get it up for sale on Amazon quickly. Epub also makes it available to most readers and mobile devices.

I am sorting out “book aggregator” issues. Book aggregators distribute and update your book to several channels which is more convenient than trying to manage multiple accounts.

I may still take it to print as it would make a fine airport book. Imagine boarding a plane and sitting next to a hot babe. You pull out a copy of Employment Game and your Alphasmart Neo. “Are you a writer?” she asks inquisitively. You work is practically done because you ooze mystique.

As for the preview, I prefer to read my pdfs in full screen mode <CTRL>-L to emulate print viewing. The preview looks good on my 1920×1200 pix flat-panel, on a laptop probably not so great.

I used Gimp to make the graphics and logo. Gimp works on Linux and Windows but can be a challenge to master. Photoshop would probably be the best choice for most aspiring writers. I will profile useful graphic software in an upcoming post Tools for Trolls.



4 comments on “He’s Writing eBooks Now

  1. short haired chick
    November 1, 2015

    I read your stupid book preview. Times have changed and you losers are getting shoved out. Good riddance. We’re taking over and not going back to the kitchen.


    • Hamster Tamer
      November 4, 2015

      Lulz… your hamster could run my central A/C all summer, and that’s South Florida!

      Yeah, chicks are “taking over”… until the oil needs changed… or the lights go out. 🙄

      PS: Let your hair grow long… you’ll thank me later.


    • poolside
      November 25, 2015

      I love it. You go girl! There was a reason men died younger than women and you are about ready to find out why. Work. The stress, the hours, the commutes, the loss of freedom, and the attending bad health habits of drinking and smoking to relieve the stress and fill the hollow hole in the soul left by a pointless job for just another shit-box company. You’ll pay 30% right off the top in taxes to support people that despise you. If you buy a massively overpriced home, you’ll pay another 5-10% of your income in taxes alone to the state/county/city. You will need a good car, tires, gas, a wardrobe, and higher priced, pre-made food so you can get to, work, put in long hours, come home and sleep. All those things carry a high price in sales and excise taxes. When you’re done, you will have about 30-35% of your income for yourself to pay for the big mortgage, BMW, and expensive corporate wear.

      I’ll be at home learning how to really cook (a timeless skill worth a great deal outside the home) reading, and studying subjects that truly interest me.I’ll go on afternoon hikes (love hiking). I’ll push the button on the washer to start the auto-wash. Dishes..same. Work is minimal (thank you inventive white dudes). I’ll get involved in local activities as I’ll be fully refreshed from my afternoon nap. Might even have a fling with the neighbor. No worries, you’ll be busy at work, and if you find out and divorce me, I’ll get half your stuff and imputed income. I’ll try to find employment, but it won’t be easy now that all of you ladies have taken over. Alimony is a bitch girl. I’ll move on, thanks to the generous payout of 50% of your assets now given to me. Did I mention the alimony?

      You’ll wake up one day, with no kids, and the inability to have any without real risk to you and the child. The risk of birth defects climbs at a rapid clip after the age of 30(talk to any doctor about this). Your most productive and youthful years now behind you, all given to a company in exchange for a few bucks that have bought you little, and taxes that you have paid for another useless war, a parasitic class that hates you for your “privilege”, and the crony corporations and useless government departments that suck up the rest of the tax supported, government cheese. The regret that you traded your only finite life for this will hit you like a ton of bricks.

      You are the winner here girl, so go get’em. I lived that life. I will tell you from experience……. you are being conned.


  2. Heretic
    November 2, 2015

    This is a cool idea. The PUA section of the mansophere has long crowed about how Game is applicable to more areas of life than just sex; in the new feminized world it will be a survival skill. A particular post of Heartiste’s regarding the problem of female-dominated HR comes to mind. I am really glad to see someone moving that forward.


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