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Write to Become an Earner

Are you an internet troll? You may already have the right skills to bring money into your organization. Writing to bring in money is a personal development angle available to anyone. When you win project funding you move into the high level instantly. You might get a corner office out of it.

In addition you will enjoy new-found status and perqs that accrue to anyone who stimulates business growth. For he who brings money into the organization can do whatever the hell he wants.

Whether you have a job or are looking for work, proposal writing is a way to put you at a higher business level than your peers. Most people in tech never attempt it, preferring to await their next assignment so they can perform their work and get a pat on the back.

It requires “adequate” writing skills but even that is not the most important thing. You only need to be able to showcase how your technology solves a known problem and provide a clear plan for how it will be done, who will do it, and what it will cost.

If you have difficulty competing technically against your peers but have good communication skills, the ability to procure funding can make you their boss. Technically weak men with writing talent are valued in many organizations.

Telling stories instead of dumping data engages your customer physiologically. Proposal writing succeeds on the same principal. If you can help your employer connect his customers emotionally to his products, you stand a good chance of being able to write winning proposals.

As with most Employment Game activities your chances are better with small or mid-sized companies. Marketing at large firms is difficult to penetrate. The marketing people are either rule-bound order takers or actual marketing guys who guard their turf with a vengeance. They are not going to allow you to come in and score a win because they have been struggling to do that themselves. It’s a tough racket.

Small companies will give you the chance to sell for them because they need it to survive. Someone there must be doing it and maybe your prospect could use some extras sales and marketing help. Often that just means giving him a heads-up on a new solicitation or “RFP” (Request for Proposals).

Industry opportunities abound for anyone willing to look for them. Most people will not even try.  In my next post I will describe some specific ways to find RFPs and get started in proposal writing.




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