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Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know

Many of today’s young women are starting careers instead of having babies only to discover later in life they have missed the boat on family life. This essay provides an alternative life roadmap you should know about when deciding your career goals.

For decades now Western women have been pressured to get college degrees and embark on careers at the expense of marriage and children. Before that time women went to school seeking husbands, with a secondary goal of getting an education as a backup plan. The results of this social shift have been devastating to women, for as their childbearing fertility plummets with age they have a shrinking cohort of men suitable for marriage.

You don’t have to follow the feminist’s flawed plan for your life. You can have children early during your peak fertility, enjoy the happiness they provide, and enter the workforce after they have grown.

Now more than ever there are opportunities and resources available for anyone to gain skills to sell in the labor market. For no job assignment or accomplishment compares to the unconditional love and acceptance that children will give you. You can always get a job, but once your window for having children has passed there is no turning back.

Mother and daughter by Brand X Pictures on Getty Images

The Feminist Plan of School>Travel>Career>Family
Is Backwards and Harms Women

You have to be old to appreciate the dramatic changes in our society wrought by feminism. Women are especially vulnerable to societal programming and the popular attitudes of other women.

Modern feminist media pressures young women to forgo children in order to attain credentials  for competing in the job market.

The struggle for clean, well-paying office work is brutal and mean, with female adversaries being the most vicious of them all.

Your ruthless female competitors want your job, your future husband’s job, and even your future husband.

The sad fact for many young women is that the number of young men capable of supporting a wife and family is steadily dwindling with the feminization of work. For while women compete for jobs, they don’t create them. And increasingly women are looking to the welfare state to provide the support that was once the responsibility of men now marginalized by the drive to promote women.

You can always get a job, but you have a narrow window of opportunity to start a family

The advocates for this profound shift in gender mores had no industry experience to draw from when pushing their advice on impressionable young women. They could only view workaday life as men having all the advantages, and could only define the solution as having women compete against men by following the same career trajectories. When problems have surfaced in this approach feminists have demanded systemic changes to “level the playing field”. Such initiatives can only damage business profitability and job growth.

One of their key warnings to women is that they must start a career early to have a chance to ascend the corporate promotion ladder. They imply that you will not be able to find useful work after being a stay-at-home mother. That is nonsense.

If you get a marketable degree or job training while young you can build on that later in life to make money in the job market.

Education and children are investments. Properly managed they will pay off for you in later life. The pleasure of children far outweighs the costs and sacrifices you make to raise them. No corporate or career accomplishment compares to the simple joy that your children give you. And you don’t have to forgo children to make a living. Just put the children first and the living will follow later.

Thanks to the internet you have boundless opportunities to continue your education, find jobs, or start your own business later in life. It used to be difficult to go to school but the internet has changed that completely. You can work on your education easily as a stay-at-home mom and use it later to find work. You can also start a business and find your customers through the internet. Many women do this and are quietly successful at it.

Why feminists don’t understand this simple fact

For all the claims of brilliance feminist thought leaders make, they do not offer alternatives to corporate career opportunities for women to consider when planning their life. They don’t have alternatives because they have never worked outside of academia. Given the unhappy predicaments of their own lives, one wonders what motivates them to push their harmful advice on women. Two things stand out : the need for continued funding to support their social justice careers and their hatred towards attractive young women who have better opportunities in the marriage market.

The battle has been won, there is no need for you to sacrifice your family to satisfy feminist ideology

Some feminist complaints were valid reasons for changing laws that denied women equal rights. Allowing women to conduct their own finances and have careers outside of traditional family structures is sensible and few would argue otherwise. Most men want the women in their families to have economic opportunities available to them.

These social changes have helped women and even expanded choices for men. But strident feminism has run amok as it seeks to bring down every edifice of male-female cooperation towards stable nuclear families, seen as oppressive towards women. Many young men are now exercising their new choices by avoiding early marriage and spending their youth primarily dedicated to their own pleasure until they feel the urge to start families, often with younger women than the ones they celebrated the new gender landscape with. They have also adopted cynical views of their female peers who have delayed marriage and children for the enjoyment of multiple partners and career income.

As a young woman you run the risk of losing the family game if you ignore your childbearing instincts to compete in the career marketplace. Ask yourself seriously if your consideration to launch a demanding career is based on a flawed need to answer the demands of feminists and your female peers. The battle for female equality is over. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone or sacrifice yourself to fight the system. Take advantage of the choices and benefits the modern world provides women and use them to satisfy your needs, not those of competitors who will never truly care about you.

How Modern Technology Unleashed The Feminist Monster

Fifty years ago the pressures of corporate and working life on men were well known. TV and movie portrayals of career men often highlited the personal and health costs required by job dedication. About this same time feminism grew to prominence as millions of women questioned their allegedly rigid and stifling middle-class lifestyle. Indeed, the roles demanded of both men and women were difficult to endure.

Much of the women’s movement was in reaction to the seemingly unfair gender structures of modern society. While emerging women’s liberalism offered alternatives to traditional gender roles, the reality is that those roles represented the most efficient division of labor for men and women. For it takes a monumental effort to sustain a family and provide for one’s future, which is often not apparent to young people who are benefiting from it.  It was not easy to commit to mind-numbing and physically demanding work but most men had it drilled into them to sacrifice for the greater good of their family and society.

In pre-industrial society (to about 1830) families often worked together in craft and agriculture. After the Industrial Revolution men were separated from their families to toil in mechanized factories, mills, and farms. Historical impediments to female participation in the labor force included childbearing and female health issues, though many poor women did work these jobs to their physical detriment.

Visit any 19th century cemetery and you will find countless graves of young women and children. Prior to modern 20th-century plumbing and medicine it was a dangerous risk to a woman’s health for her to work or travel outside the home if it could be avoided. Even the home itself was fraught with health perils. Public toilets that were no more than holes in the ground with no running water were common. There were no washing machines. Clothes were stitched and washed by hand. It took a long, slow and deadly evolution for industrial society to reach a point where women could safely travel outside the home to work in factories and offices.

The transition to a technically advanced society eliminated much of the household labor required to manage a family and provided clean, safe transportation to work. For the first time in history women were able to compete with men for most jobs. With women released from the manual labor once required to sustain families and having controlling access to mass media broadcast channels, feminist demands flowered without restraint.

A new age of feminist analysis and criticism emerged to guide the thinking of the upcoming female population. Chief among their gripes were that women had been oppressed by the suffocating demands of raising families and were denied rights and privileges in male-dominated society. Feminists also portrayed traditional women as unhappy with their lot while implying that career dedication and independence was far superior. No longer did women have to groom themselves to be desirable wives and mothers since they were now able to compete with the very men their ancestors once depended on. They, not men, would set the terms for marriage and family.

But it was the mothers of modern women that inculcated them with feminist directives to seek careers instead of families. The overarching mantra was that they should never “depend on a man”. New generations of women have accepted this programming without resistance. Their tendency to follow the herd behavior of their female competitors exacerbates the condition, and scores of them have committed to professional degrees and career commitments, as well as to enter the military or compete with men for blue-collar work.

The Tragic Consequences of Blind Obedience to Feminism, Inc.

The ugly truth is that the feminists who demanded massive social change and held themselves up as role models for young women have led sad lives bereft of children. They have spent their youth battling workplace and dating market competitors instead of ruling humble homes filled with children. They will have no grandchildren to love in their old age. The social networks they enjoyed on the job evaporated when they left, in contrast to lifelong friendships they could have developed in the community of family women.

Career life at Encorpera

Despite media portrayal of oafish men harassing or oppressing women, the worst workplace backstabbings you will incur will come at the hands of other women. You will spend your days trying to manage office queen bees, striving to impress men who are not your husband, watching up-and-coming women who are younger and prettier than you, commuting to work, and eating horrible food. As you age you will become less attractive to your husband as your focus is on your job and not taking care of yourself to please him. You will seek validation from your job instead of your husband and children.

It is easy to be seduced by workplace socialization and recognition. Your coworkers, many of whom hate you, became a surrogate family. The identical psychological rewards that you get from children and family are replaced by the family of boss, coworker, and organization. In the end you will be lucky to get some retirement pay out of it. More likely your memories will go to the landfill along with the cubicle partitions that you once made into a home.



A Positive Life Script for Modern Women :

But there’s a different and healthier approach the feminists won’t tell you about because they don’t have the life experience to be able to share with you or are bitter about their own choices and want you to suffer the same fate. Misery loves company.

The alternate path is where you can have the joy of children and your career as well. It’s simply this : find a husband and have children early. Focus your energy and talent on your kids and home life. You will be a great mom. When they are grown you can set out on that exciting career the feminists have been telling you about. You can always get job and start a career!

Remember This : You Can Always Get a Job or Embark on a Career

The happiest women I see are at Hobby Lobby with their 3 or 4 children on a mission to find materials for their latest arts and crafts project. Their glitter and paper mache’ artwork is far more rewarding than any report they will ever deliver at Encorpera.

You can always get a damn job. I have been through about a dozen career changes myself and have seen many other people do it. My first wife got a therapy degree, then an engineering degree. But twenty years after her first degree she put it to use as a contractor to the local school system. The education a woman receives will always be there for later use if they put in some effort to market themselves. Feminists who warn them that the degree will be obsolete don’t know what they are talking about. A degree from 1850 is still marketable.

It’s true that being a parent changes you in a lot of ways. You get forced into roles you probably never wanted. You end up becoming a typical suburban mom because that’s the most efficient model for dealing with it. Twenty years into it and you are fed up with the whole scene and look at career women as having ultimate freedom and excitement. Your husband also feels trapped by the responsibilities and role assumptions. It’s a real challenge to a marriage to stay excited with your partner after the meeting the demands of family.

Proper Divorce Planning

It would be dishonest to imply that traditional family lifestyles are without profound difficulties. Those obvious hardships were yet another cause of feminist rebellion. It may be inevitable for many to get divorced after decades of marriage. By considering this unfortunate fact of modern life you can plan for the possibility that you may get divorced in your 40s. An associated issue now discouraging young men from getting married in the first place is the fact that men are treated very unfairly in divorce court. The family court system has not kept apace of women’s rise in the employment marketplace. You may have to convince your prospective groom that you will not seek to destroy him though divorce.

You Can Always Get a Damn Job

Despite these possible drawbacks, getting married and having children while young is a workable life path that young women should weigh against the perceived benefits of careerism. The best time to meet a man for marriage is during your college years as that is when you will have the largest pool of eligible men to socialize with. After you graduate the number of prospective husbands drops precipitously. There will be many dating opportunities but fewer for matrimony.

If you commit yourself to career achievements your potential for happy family life will suffer. Many women who follow that path end up empty and disillusioned and drop out of corporate life altogether.

Feminism has created opportunities for women. Not all of them are necessarily good ones to follow. You can take the advantages modern life now affords you and build a family early so you don’t suffer the heartache of childlessness.

As you think about your life plan just remember, you can always get a damn job.


Haddon Sundblom, Mother comforting teen daughter. Story illustration: “All A Girl Needs”, Ladies’ Home Journal, August 1942








13 comments on “Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know

  1. Hackett To Bits
    November 29, 2015

    Outstanding, Elmer.
    Every argument made to counteract mainline feminism’s falsehoods is invaluable.


  2. Anonymous
    February 1, 2016

    You do realize that it’s really hard to find decent guys who want to get marries, right?


    • Ian Martin
      July 6, 2017

      Not many men want feminists .


  3. Anonymous
    February 1, 2016

    I am a married woman with two wonderful kids. I’m in my 40s now but I remember being in my mid- to late-twenties and searching for a guy within 5 years of my age who was ready for marriage. So many guys in their 20s balk at being in a committed relationship, forget kids!

    I was ready for marriage and kids years before I ever met men who were. I suppose there were older men who may have been interested, but i didn’t know that, or how to meet them (remember this is pre-internet).

    In my social world in my 20s, the guys were a bunch of overgrown adolescents. All my girlfriends wanted marriage and children.

    My point is, it takes two to tango.


    • elmertjones
      February 1, 2016

      Thanks for your comment. It deserves a thoughtful reply and possibly a blog post as it raises some important considerations. At the moment I am relocating so will defer that until am situated.

      In your mid-twenties you made a committed search and found a man who gave you marriage and children. The theme of my essay is that women at that crucial age are being pressured by media and peers to embark on demanding careers. By doing that they run a very real risk of missing their early-life opportunity to find a good husband who will provide children.

      The alternative strategy I propose is for women to gain an education, seek a husband to start a family, and enter the career marketplace after their children have grown.

      It is true however that young men are not interested or mature enough to become useful husbands. Most of them are only on a quest to get laid. Given current social mores they have no incentives otherwise. As they get older though they begin to consider having a family as well as having the financial means to support it.

      For that reason young women should generally seek older men for marriage. Girls in their early twenties should seriously consider men about 28 or older as their target demographic.

      Prior generations followed this sensible approach. Our current mindset of equality ignores that and women expect that they will always find men of the same age for companionship. But the biological trajectories for men and women are quite different.

      This becomes painfully apparent to women approaching 30 as they observe their male peers seeking women ten years younger, and especially so if they have wasted their time on those very men. If on top of that a woman has committed to a demanding career her marital prospects are dwindling fast.

      Yes it is true that many young men are not suitable prospects for marriage. Girls need to know the truth and be aware of their options so they can make the best choices for long-term happiness. My essay attempts to describe one practical approach to family planning based on my experience that you can always find a job and always recraft your career.

      The modern internet provides possibilities for this delayed career approach that were not available to women of yesteryear. Knowing that option can help young women achieve the happiness you have found in your children. My beef is that media and self-appointed women’s advocates are not promoting this option because they are simply ignorant of it and can only view early motherhood as a limiting trap for women. It’s time young women heard alternative life strategies that can provide both children and money-making opportunities.


      • PolishKnightUSA
        June 28, 2016

        I would add this observation: When we suggest women “finding” a man to marry, in the states that often means she sits around waiting for the perfect man to ask her out and treat her like a princess.

        Sure, it’s “hard” to find the perfect man but especially if the women do nothing. It’s also hard for a teenage girl to clean her room if she sits around watching TV and talking to her friends on the phone. When I was in my 30’s and dating biological clock tickers about the same age, they still could have married someone like me if they had put in half an effort. Not a full effort, but even just a half one. They acted like they were still in their prime in their early 20’s. It was like they were a teenage girl told that the big exam was tomorrow, and they hadn’t studied a thing, so they picked up the book and put it on the desk and then watched some TV.

        American women are amazingly lazy.

        And not just in their apathy at “finding” men, but also in life in general. Eastern European women refer to American women as “party girls” because aside from working at their job, American women fritter the rest of the day shopping, watching TV, and literally partying. For me, finding a beautiful and wonderful woman meant improving myself. Getting into decent shape. Learning a language. Becoming cultured. Learning to cook. Joining different activities where I’d meet eligible women but also become more interesting. And yeah, cleaning my apartment rather than it looking like someone who wanted to marry me either better pay for a maid, or be one.

        The ones that do seem to have a work ethic use it to attack men. They get a good paying job and then use it to threaten men and chuckle “Yeah, men are so scared of a strong woman like me!” This is like a kid working out so he can beat up kids at the playground. Such a person is a monster that I honestly don’t even want to be around, much less “earn” their company. They become knowledgable on subjects and then belittle others around them as ignorant and marvel at why they’re so unpopular. I developed myself to become fun to be around and make people feel smarter around me and bring out their potential.

        Consequently, at the age of 35, I was a lean, mean fighting dating machine. I could swipe away crabby, bitter old biological clock tickers but also attract young women who were looking for something better in their life. The choice was obvious: I didn’t have to settle, and didn’t. My wife is 10 years younger than myself.

        All that said, who to blame? Like with Veruca Salt: the parents. The parents don’t teach their child socialization skills, the facts of life, a basic, human work ethic, and to respect the decent people in their lives and not take them for granted perhaps because they didn’t learn those lessons themselves.


    • Ian Martin
      July 6, 2017

      Feminism has produced women that men just don’t want. Women who are adults in a girls body, they expect to be treated like princesses and think they have the right to a man’s resources . In the past men kept women alive and used his resources because it was best for his family . Now with all these spoiled princrsdes who have not grown up, they have no sense of femininity, loyalty . Men are not engaging with them and prefer to be single. Misery levels of females is growing more every year .


    • NotSaying
      July 6, 2017

      I agree and see your point.

      But I was one of those men who wasn’t ready to settle down in his 20s. Women often assume it’s because men are having too much fun fecklessly playing the field. But often that’s not the case.

      I’m easy going, quiet, hard working, and middling attractive, I think (tall, slim, broad shoulders, not hideous but nothing special to look at either). In my early- to mid-20s, I got pretty much zero attention from women. It was a bit discouraging but I’d had girlfriends in college, so I just thought, ‘Well, I’ll meet someone when the time’s right’, and carried on with my hobbies and trying to get on at my job.

      Then, in my mid-20s, without me changing anything about myself (at least that I could see), I suddenly started to get a lot of female attention. One day, I came home to three messages from young women I worked with, asking what I was doing that night. Another time, I was at a restaurant on a date when the waiter came over to tell me there was a woman at the door asking for me. I went to see who it was and it was a female friend who had heard I might be going on a date with someone else and wondered if I would reconsider and go on a date with her instead.

      I was genuinely perplexed. What the f*** was going on? I don’t want to misrepresent the whole thing. I happened over the course of about 18 months, so it’s not like I suddenly went from being King of the Nerds to Superstud. But it kinda of felt like that and I could for the life of me not work out why. At times I almost suspected it was some kind of super-elaborate, long-long-term practical joke.

      Then one evening I was having drinks with a girl, having a really lovely time, and there was a pause in the conversation. And that’s when she said, apropos of nothing.

      “I’d bet you’d be a really good dad”.

      You know in cartoons, when the character suddenly has a moment of insight and light bulbs start going off over their head?

      So if men in their 20s and early 20s don’t want to tango, it’s often not because they’re having too much fun tangoing with other partners. It’s because they’re suspicious of partners who previously didn’t want to dance and whom they think might now want to dance a lot longer and slower than they’re letting on.


  4. NKNK
    February 5, 2016

    This article is being saved and printed for my daughters ‘guide to womanhood’ I am creating. I have a tale to tell regarding this.
    I am a 29 year old female from and based in London. I have just had a baby girl, 7 weeks ago. I was born to parents who both had shitty abusive childhoods. Foster care for them both. They emerged with intentions to make things better for children like them and my mother aged 18 met my father aged 24. Both liberal, labor voting, lefty types into feminism & multiculturalism (my mother is mixed race) through community activism and working for a children’s charity. Yet, they were both extremely damaged by their lot especially my mother. Both had no real positive adult role models to replace parents. Their relationship failed, domestic violence and lots of drama happened. My mother went bat shit crazy and my father did stuff that got him trouble with the law and he lost his career. I went into foster care aged 7. My mother lost the plot and my father won custody me aged 9. I began rebuilding relationship with mother after not seeing her for a while. She has a personality disorder and is beyond help. She is insufferable and controlling and manipulative and paranoid and more… and i’ve now washed my hands of her. She hates men. She says i’m racist to her. I basicly brought myself up, my dad was too depressed to do much worthy but he did fight for me i respect him for that. I decided to go to university to become a journalist. But my grades weren’t great and ended up doing media studies, culture studies with journalism. What a pointless degree. I remember saying that I wanted to be free and liberal and then get marries at 28. Which is kinda what Ive done. But I actually could of been married with kids much earlier. I wasted my opportunity. I was always responsible and mature compared to lots of my peers because I had to be mature because of my adolescent-like parents. But I resented my natural common sense and maturity I observed everyone else being hedonistic and wanted that so I began ‘gaining experience’ with a few guys and by 18 I had slept with 5 guys. Then I got with a male friend from college who was awesome and we stayed together throughout uni for 4.5 years. He was Columbian and his mum was lovely. Traditionally minded Columbians are. My mum did her best to sabotage our relationship, sad to say it worked a little. The whole time I felt undeserving of this guys love. He would of married me if I had stayed with him. By aged 23 I cheated and left. I cheated with a narcissistic red pill like yet abusive dude, horrible off/on relationship entailed, but, he saved me. He threw me into reality. The recession happened and my parents sucked and I was homeless briefly and unsupported. I went into deep depression, having sent the good guy who loved me away. He even asked me to come back, but I refused. I worked in the nightlife industry, in events and became very promiscuous. My n is about 45 now. I began therapy. I finally left abusive guy. Thing is, I studied feminist theory extensively at uni and I had many doubts. I even tried to get a mens officer for our student union. I felt unease about my feminist status. Despite that, I carried on parroting the party line and believing I had to be ‘independent’ I resolved painful childhood experiences through therapy and got even more depressed briefly, my career suffered. Then I took ‘the red pill’ and denounced my feminist beliefs and researched the truth. Eventually I moved on and met my partner ten years older, ready to start a family and three years later we have a baby girl and life plans. I am now developing a therapy and coaching model and will do my own business when my children are older. I wanted a family and I fought against that urge and became a slut by being trendy, liberal and ‘arty’ by almost destroying myself. My sexual value will plummet very soon and I am not ashamed to admit that I dis my best to pull up my big knickers and transform my life before it happened. I am lucky and grateful.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Astrid
    March 17, 2016

    You make some very, very, valid points with respect to women who want children and family. A couple of counterpoints though:
    A. Very few men nowadays make enough money to sustain a household on their income alone.
    B. Some of us tried to follow you’re prescribed path, only to be burnt by an unscrupulous partner/husband. Feminism is not responsible for all women’s modern day predicaments.


    • Lazarus
      August 29, 2017

      We understand that the cultural rot is a double edged sword, and that the other side of this coin needs an urgent scrub and polish.

      Don’t worry! We’re on top of that too.

      Cheers and good luck


  6. Aardvark
    June 28, 2016

    Do not discount the changes wrought by the invention of “the pill “


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