Employment Game

What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

The Return of Employment Game

More and more I am becoming unemployable, even as I have amassed a wealth of expertise and wisdom that should have companies clamoring to offer me high-paying low-stress work as depicted on their corporate career/diversity web portals.

I started this blog last year after writing and self-publishing the managerial classic Employment Game. Shortly after book publication my wife and I relocated. It was a lot of work to get rid of my belongings and sell our house. I have a strong need at this point in my life to reduce my possessions and adopt a more minimalist and location-independent outlook.

In our new locale I initiated my Employment Game strategy and put together a website touting my consulting services and some other endeavors which I will regale you with in coming posts. Unfortunately before moving I had misjudged the local economy which had nosedived from the oil price drop.

Initially I was active in sending out my brochures and calling people, the necessary but excruciating activity for finding customers. I was hitting the usual brick walls and rejections with a few enough positive connections to keep my motivation up. It’s damn hard to find contacts and work up the nerve to call them. Every one of them throws me an unexpected curve ball despite my scripts and preparation (me : Did you get the brochure? prospect : Yeah, honestly I threw it I the trash).

Now during this episode southern Texas was inundated by floods. Our house was not submerged but it might have been with another day of torrential rain. The creek nearby was almost cresting as thousands were driven from their homes. It was sad to see many folks clinging to their flooded houses and property.

Since we were renting we could easily abandon everything and split, but were faced with the specter of having to evacuate on short notice and making it to a public shelter. That forced me into bug-out prep mode because I was determined to avoid that scenario. If we had to leave our car we needed enough in a bag to survive. Ideally we could get in the car and be in a hotel in a few hours. Many roadways were blocked however and others were jammed. Overall a stressful time and we were lucky to stay dry.

A positive aspect of our move is that my wife has family here which has helped her out a lot. Her brother-in-law has worked as an NC machinist for many years but lost his job due to the oil slump. So now he is an Uber driver and lovin it.

In a similar response to the job market I am developing some internet income and in upcoming posts will share tools that are helping me achieve that.

My blogging intent is to provide upbeat content generally focused on man’s search for gainful employment in a feminized economy while promoting my sensational ebook that describes exactly how to do it.

I am going to stick with that format and mostly avoid current events and political commentary though it is sure tempting to use it for driving up the page views.  When you read this blog you should leave with a smile on your face and renewed vigor in pursuing your job search.



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