Employment Game

What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

How to Crack HR

The modern female-dominated business recruiting function is toxic to men and a systemic barrier to their employment.  I wrote Employment Game to share with fellow men simple tactics that circumvent this pervasive and discriminatory corporate policy. A secondary reason was to experience the thrill of writing and self-publishing a book, as described in this post about Scrivener.

The Rant

The introductory chapters of my book contain seething rants about the nature of feminized HR so will not recount them here. One line I continue to repeat on random forums as Elmer’s Law is :

When an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to the creation of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

An upcoming book by Jeb Kinnison titled Death by HR promises to back up with data and careful research what I have reported anecdotally in Employment Game, which was based on years of experiencing it myself and watching as other men and entire companies were ground into oblivion by the pernicious effects of feminization.

Jeb has made an important contribution towards fighting this commerce-killing scourge and no doubt you will see a flurry of discussion in the popular press after his book launch. While most media journo-typists will wax eloquent about the problem, none will provide you with practical tools for dealing with it. And the situation is only going to get worse.

Encountering The Sexist HR Wall

If you are a man who has been struggling to find work you have certainly experienced the disorienting labyrinth of online job portals that has been cynically devised by the ladies in pan-global HR to inflate their egos. It is a self-emergent system that coldy inflicts humiliation on you by forcing you to comply while overtly lying in your face. This false corporate front signals their allegiance to diversity while at the same time expressly discriminating against you, the heterosexual male.


My son Hermann is looking for work again in the local tech industry. In my book I told the true story of how he got a community college tech degree, then moved to another city and found professional work by using Employment Game. That was a certain well-known liberal enclave highly prized by millennials. Even on a technician’s salary he could not afford the cost of living so has relocated to where I am living.

In our new town he has been using Employment Game to search for similar work. His resume looks good for the technology niche he has developed. But he has had trouble getting contacts. He grumbles “according to your book you gotta be a super-salesman just to find a low-level job”. The ugly truth is that nowadays yes you do. But the good news is a even little bit of preparation and practice puts you ahead of your competitors.

Hermann has also been submitting to company internet career web portals, the very thing I am telling you to avoid here. I told him go ahead but not invest too much hope in it, though occasionally a fish will bite on those efforts during periods of acute labor demand. Do it as much as you can stomach but don’t allow it to demoralize you.

But then he was subjected to the final cyber-insult. I heard him groaning and thrashing about in anguish and asked him in a fatherly tone what the f* is your problem and do you need the protective gloves and helmet? He explained that after filling out yet another long online job form they demanded his social security number! For background check they said. All he wants is for someone to glance at his resume and consider his skills towards their needs.

I asked for the company named and looked it up. A few minutes later I gave him the name, phone number, and email address for the company Chief Technology Officer, a Ph.D scientist with an impressive CV and obvious clout in the organization. We crafted a low-key email intro and he sent it off with his resume attached.

Importantly he felt a sense of control and accomplishment/progress in this act vs the sense of being a loser chump for complying with online HR questionnaires and submitting them to faceless feminine borgs.

This is huge. When you are executing a sales process instead of meekly applying for jobs your self-esteem gets a major boost.

“How did you do it?” he asked. He had been searching a lot for names but finding nothing, as if all the managers in the world had read my book and were taking extra care to hide their tracks. Well this example was a lucky fluke, for I too struggle to find contact info. I struggle even more to work up the nerve to call them.

So how does a guy sidestep the HR moat surrounding most companies?

The Formula

Let’s recap the internet contact search formula from EG. This procedure does not tell you how to game the chicks in HR. It advises you to avoid them completely. If you succeed in talking to the main players at your target organization you may have to interact with HR to close the deal and my only advice is that you will come pre-approved and only need to humor their sense of importance. PUAs understand the value of the pre-approval angle whereby having a babe on your arms piques the interest of the other hens in the yard.

Here is the the procedure in a nutsack :

1. Find companies in your industry

2. From their public info find key owners and managers

3. If their contact info is not listed, find it

4. Contact those men directly to sell yourself towards a job

How to Find Their Contact Info

By web searching on local companies in your target industry you can find contact information for the very guys you need to sell to. Their photo, name, and possibly email may be listed on the “Company” web pages of your target industry. Usually it is the top managers or chief engineers who are featured there, not the rank-and-file tech staff.

Try google(mytown mytrade careers) or google(mytown mytrade employment opportunities) to find local company job listings. Often these are quite old as they don’t update the sites often. Now this might find you some useful info, but you need to work up the chain a little bit and find who the head tech or engineer is, often listed somewhere else on the site. Look at their “in the news” page or “company history” page and you might find someone. Also you want to drop the “career” search and just look for companies doing your trade, like “welding suppliers” or “caterers”, whatever.

Let Internet Career Portals Help You

There are several well know internet career portals that advertise jobs with various companies. They are acting as middle man in your work search and like social media outlets, make money trading your personal information. While they are advertising possible job openings, the information is freely available to you as well. In many cases they are merely copying from company career pages.

Simply take the job ad keywords and use a search engine to find the direct companies. You will often land right on their company career page. Try to ignore the diversity stock photos. Now use the method described above to find managers that you can contact. Usually they are swamped with resumes but if you are a good match for the job you stand a good chance with the back-door approach.

Use Social Media to Satisfy Your Needs, Not Encorpera’s

The social media website LinkedIn has become the default tool for promoting your skills and employment status. What I am seeing is a lot of people pouring time into their LinkedIn profiles, requesting connections, and pumping up industry feel-goods. There are technical interest groups on Linkedin and some of these have active participation by industry players.


In the 7 years I have been on Linkedin I have not received much viewing of my profile or had anyone contact me for a job opportunity save for some low credibility headhunters. For a long time my profile was empty until the guy I worked for asked me to put one up as part of his marketing efforts. That stimulated a lot of people requesting to connect, as if that is some inside way to find work. I doubt it as no prospect will do anything once connected. You have to push your prospect to make the next action! “Connecting” is passive. No one is going to be impressed by your dozens or hundreds of connections. It just doesn’t lead to actions.

However, there is a way that LinkedIn can help your prospect search. By looking for companies in your target industry you can often find the names of managers and engineers on LinkedIn who will respond to your intelligence gathering. The technical interest groups could also help you identify prospects if they are making knowledgeable contributions (as opposed to personal promotions) to those discussions.

So you have identified some guys to contact but guess what? They are smart enough not to include their contact info on LinkedIn. You can buy a premium membership to LinkedIn that allows a form of private messaging to other members. This could be useful so I won’t criticize it here.

Take the guy’s name and use a search engine to hunt for his contact information. If he has published technical papers there is a good chance they will be online somewhere and include his contact info. If he has participated in conferences the info might be on the conference proceeding or attendee lists. If he is involved with professional organizations or even his kid’s soccer league you might find information on their meeting news. There are also web sites that claim to provide this data based on public records but I have never used one.

Also if you don’t find managers at the level you need for Employment Game the lower level engineers can often be found on LinkedIn. In that case consider getting their contact info and calling them to find appropriate hiring managers. This is tricky as they will naturally be hesitant to share that information. Good targets for this approach are guys in a related discipline to your own but not the same. That is, if you are a software engineer, contact the mechanical engineers because the software guys will get defensive.

Finally, many people hide their email addresses to avoid getting spammed. A trick to finding someone’s email is to search on probable email addresses he may have by using the company .com suffix. For example, you found out that Joe Shmo works at  widgettech.com. Search on “shmo@widgettech.com”, “jshmo@widgettech.com”, and other likely permutations to see what pops up. If that fails try just “@widgettech.com” and follow some of the search results. That is exactly how I found the info for my son as described above.

The feminized corporate recruiting function is designed to provide make-work jobs for women, protect the company from lawsuits, and to keep you on the outside. When you are seeking work it is important to recognize this and hone ways to gain entry past the corporate security screen. You need to know how to crack HR. Be a job hacker, not a job whacker.









One comment on “How to Crack HR

  1. Joe Katzman
    September 9, 2016

    Thanks for this primer, Elmer. As always, much appreciated (esp. your eBook articles).


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