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DoD Releases Hot New SBIR Opportunities

The SBIR program provides opportunities for you to win R&D funding for your company or new clients. It is also a back-door method to getting intel on who may be hiring in your industry.

I explain in these blog posts what the SBIR program is and how to use it to find opportunities and income :

Write to Become an Earner

Write to Become an Earner II : SBIRs and FedBizopps

Check Out the Money-Making Opportunities in the Latest SBIR Solicitation

The 2016.3 Department of Defense SBIR solicitation (aka “request for proposals “) has just been released here. Scan through my posts to learn how to read the proposal requests and apply this great job-sourcing tool. Put the upcoming release dates from the solicitation schedule into your calendar so you read them when they come out.

One tactic I may not have mentioned is to simply read through the solicitations for business opportunities that your employer might have a reasonable chance at winning. This works best in small companies where you have some rapport with the owner or chief engineer. In larger corporations the marketing departments jealously guard their turf and will resist this move. You can also get noticed by discreetly passing it to industry contacts. By discreet I mean just pass him the link without self-promotion.

This low-key method can establish your marketing interest to your bosses and colleagues. They will tap that when future marketing needs come up and include you in the discussions. If you offer to help on proposals it will lead to new work for you. It is hard to develop a clean, well-written proposal and almost always seen by engineers and scientists as a necessary chore. The chance to work hard on a proposal with those key players can get you respect over your co-workers who are always waiting for an assignment and a pat on the back. If they win the contract you will share in the limelight no matter how small your contribution. You helped make it happen.







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