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A Writing Production Machine

My blog posts are too long. This violates well-known content development rules for short-attention span audiences. Internet-addicted people want a quick buzz from provocative essays and have little interest in lengthy, informative, and practical-minded discussion.

Whether your intent is to generate puff-pieces for mass-market consumption or deep prose for more thoughtful readers, you must hone your writing production to its barest efficiency. There is no greater modern tool for doing that than the now defunct Alphasmart Neo, which you can get for a song off eBay or Amazon.

alpha 013

I wrote about the Neo a few years ago for the popular and influential men’s blog The Spearhead. Of course my essay was thick and detailed instead of the usual anti-feminist bombast, so it generated little interest. But it had some good photos and links of other guys putting their Neos to work while they engaged in manly outdoor activities far from electrical recharge sources.

Why the Neo is the Best Damned Tool for Content Development

The Neo is an ergonomic keyboard with 6-line display and 8 memory buffers. It will run 700 hours on 3 AA batteries. That is nearly a year of continual operation.

It is rugged, lightweight, and portable. If you are a travel writer the only thing better would be a notepad and pen, but then you will have to transcribe your scribbling to a computer at some point.

It is comfortable to use away from your computer. There is no operating system or internet to ruin your focus. You can write volumes without that clutter to distract you. Then just upload your work to your laptop through its cable or IR interface. Just open any app and press the “Send” key to feed your text into the machine.

Another beautiful thing about the Neo is you can just press the power key and it shuts off instantly. Press it again and you are back in your document in less than 3 seconds. This makes you incredibly productive because you are not slowed down by the walls of distraction the computer throws at you.

You Can Get One for $30

A lot of schools bought these to teach typing and have dumped them through auctions and they are now selling from various outlets for about $30. I paid over $200 for my Neo after much research on portable writing tools and testing out a few minimalist keyboards. It was worth every penny. Since then have bought 5 extra off eBay which I leave around the house and in the car. Most of them look like they were never used.

What Other Writers Have to Say About Their Neos

As promised I will keep this short. Here are some links to what others have to say about the Neo followed by a bunch of photos of manly men using their Neos in manly pursuits.

And that may be the best use of the Neo. The thing is a babe magnet. let me tell you. When you pull it out at the coffee shop don’t be surprised if some cutey approaches you.

“Are you a writer?” she asks, “That must be so exciting…”

Alphasmart NEO for Traveling Writers

Things I Love: The AlphaSmart Neo

4 sucky things about this $19 piece of junk that make it AMAZING for writing

The Flickr Alphasmart Writing Tool Forum

[note : I have lost the links to these photos so am using them without attribution]


alpha 008

alpha 016




alpha 015

alpha 003




alpha 007


alpha 001

alpha 002

alpha 011







One comment on “A Writing Production Machine

  1. Dan_Kurt
    September 14, 2017

    Elme,r you look to be a dead ringer for my late great uncle Andy. He never learned to drive, chewed tobacco from age 6, was a WW1 veteran and lived to age 104. He lied about his age when he was forced to join Social Security claiming he was 10 years younger than his real age so he “legally” worked until he was 75 before retiring. Then he worked as a janitor for a Catholic Church until he was in his 90s. His red hair did not grey until his late 70s and he walked everywhere until he fell off his roof at age 96 breaking his hip. Oh, he played the piano and a few other instruments all his life and especially loved to sing along while playing tunes from before the first world war. What a fun guy to have as an uncle when I was a kid. His daughter is still alive and near 90 herself now and still sends me e-mails. He had two sisters, one was my grandmother, and the three of them all German redheads, all bull headed as one can imagine, fought like cats when together. His sisters all made it into their 90s. God rest all of their souls.

    As to the Neo, I would rather use a Macintosh.

    Dan Kurt


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