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Moving Forward

I have not been posting lately but am seeing a spike in traffic because it’s holiday time. I’ll be glad when it’s over and the new year begins.

Since you may have dropped by during this leisure time I am adding this filler post to say thanks to every one who visited this blog over the last year and whoever may have purchased my book.

During the runup to the election I published some satire and that drove up the traffic because everyone was hungry for any election-based content. But this blog is about man’s struggle to find work in a feminized economy so I removed all that and am keeping it on theme. I want to strike a positive tone that helps my fellow man eke out a living.

As for my personal situation, I have spent the last six months developing a consumer product. I have a working prototype and will write a provisional patent before embarking on the long road to commercialization. Earlier in the year I put together a consulting website and sought out contracting work before getting this wild hair to create a marketable product I can sell. Maybe it will flop but at the least I have some good material for my portfolio and momentum for future directions.

In these activities I have been striving for elusive independence mastery through developing a business and freelance income generation. I have studied a few of the blogs and books by people claiming how it can be done, and I will provide some positive reviews of those in future posts. One thing I wanted to avoid in this blog was criticizing anyone’s money making ideas or efforts and keep it upbeat. I know how hard it is and when you visit here should be motivated to keep up the fight.

The prototype grew out of a need to develop a tangible product that brings value to people’s lives. Much of the internet money-making schemes depend on middle-man positioning which does not appeal to me. I also had opportunity to develop import business through my Vietnamese relations and that is still a possibility but again a lot of people are attempting this.

Among the books that have been helpful are these by Ryan Holiday :

Trust Me, I’m Lying : a must-read if you have been sucked into the internet vortex and are wasting your time consuming auto-generated media content. Written about five years ago it describes how the media machine operates. You may stop feeding it after you see the truth, which you probably suspected all along. The recent election seems to have been a revolt by many to relentless and transparent media manipulations.

Growth Hacker Marketing : describes marketing tactics that take advantage of the internet and how they supplant traditional methods. The author says that whenever anyone goes into a cave to write an epic book that it will fail on launch, and from my experience he is exactly right. If you want to write a marketable book there is a right way to do it and he describes how. In retrospect I will say that the experience of writing a book was worthwhile but I made some grievous marketing mistakes. The irony is that to make a buck I should have marketed to women, not men. He also advises developing a “minimum viable product” which is the simplest concrete good or service that you can actually sell instead of grandiose plans or products that may take years to get to cash-generation stage.

Ego Is the Enemy : Ryan examines the problem of egoism and narcissism, which have long afflicted me. Humility goes a long way in any creative venture. Tough to maintain when we must self-promote to inch forward and sell. Whenever ego gratification has entered the equation I have failed. That has happened many times in my life. When genuine absorption of interest about something was combined with humility I prospered. That is my state while developing the consumer prototype so at a gut level it feels right.

I will review some other resources and books in future posts.

I am cutting back all social media and blog commenting. This drove up my site traffic but did not generate sales any more than blind internet searches. I just don’t get Twitter anyway and every external site has the power to yank my content without warning. Using the tools for managing internet addiction I have quarantined myself from the internet’s distractions though it is an ongoing struggle.

With the election over it is time for men to move forward. We, the trolls, won. The leftwing media is still inventing outrage but their political power has been obliterated. You can stop paying attention to it and direct your energy toward improving your own situation. When you drop by here in the future you can expect to find practical tools to help you achieve that. Good luck to all of you in the coming year.









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