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Find Your Inner Chicken Feet

My sister-in-law has been making a lot of money selling fried chicken feet. I would never have considered this a food item but it’s a delicacy in some cultures.

The Vietnamese are very entrepreneurial. I have met several who have done well in the U.S. despite limited education and networking opportunities. My own wife ran a successful shoe manufacturing business in Saigon before moving here as my bride.

Very often their backs are to the wall when the start their ventures and endure a fair amount of setbacks along the way, which seems to be a pattern for many business owners. One hardly hears about the failures but the ones who made it often came close to failing.

This excellent video (see link below) profiles a Vietnamese man who thought he was taking a flight to France which instead landed in Senegal where he wound up destitute. In struggling to survive he built a business from nothing.

His story reads like poetry :

From the deep hole, eventually I made my way to the main road
I crawled slowly, I sold slowly, I am not kidding
Lots of suffering for a few dollars

I didn’t know anything, I just came here to sell
Slowly I got used to my life and my surroundings
My life was like some kind of creature slowly crawling

As time passed I learned how to talk here and there
not to really talk but to do business and shop

When I first opened, I was afraid I did not know how to do business
The important thing is you have to know the language
I just did it and slowly learned more and more

“Nem” means fried spring roll
Then they started calling me Duong Nem

It has to be delicious for them to eat, if not they will leave
In life, no matter the costs, I had to make it delicious

In the morning my head wants to crack, thinking about work

I eat to live, not live to eat

Many people have asked and I tell them straight,
work is hard and I am tired
The work is too intensive (they) can’t stand it

My life has seen a lot of suffering, I crawled out
and didn’t have a single cent in this country,
not a single dollar in my pocket

Now I make 5 times more money than in the past, but I still suffer
In the past I made 1% of the money now but my life was free

Things aren’t always as they appear
I had to endure many rains and suns to have a day like today

Honestly, money. I am tired of seeking it
I’m tired every day is the same.
Everyone loves money
I have money but I don’t have happiness

Billions of people all want life improvement
In my heart since I have been here
I don’t want to go anywhere anymore

Everyone wants to go to the west and go to America
once they have endured this life
All of society having lived here would give it up
and love to go to America

Life…I had to endure the beatings, the storms
if I couldn’t endure the storms I would have been blown away


The professionally produced and edited video is part of a series by Kyle Le, an American who has traveled globally to interview Vietnamese who have made other countries their home.













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