Employment Game

What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

Employment Game, the Book

Finally, a book that rips the lid off effective work search tactics


Men are being pushed out of the labor market

The conventional work search approach promoted by our female-centric media and corporate Human Resource advocates is designed to provide security for them and to keep you on the outside. By participating in this charade you set yourself up for scorn and rejection.

You need effective tactics to beat your competition

To attain work you must identify influential men in your target industry and contact them directly to present your marketable skills. That is the essence of Employment Game and this book provides a flexible work-search system for you to tailor to your situation and skill set.

This book tells you why and shows you how

While most job-hunting books tell you to follow rules and submit obediently to corporate employment screening channels, this tract shows you how to turn the system which discriminates against you to your advantage and get a true chance at the job while your competition is waiting for their next instructions from HR.

Why You Need This Book

The target audience is all men seeking work. The author’s experience comes from decades in technology, sales, and consulting so the perspective works well for engineers, technicians, programmers, and designers. The tactics also work for men in other professions. While some industry experience is assumed, guys with limited employment backgrounds can apply these techniques to get a toehold in the job market. At over 250 pages, the book is packed with insight and practical tools to help you find prospects and sell them your skills.

Anyone through study and practice can develop their core Employment Game skills. The effort you put into each Employment Game skill will get positive results in your job search as well as other areas of your life. This book has exercises and scripts so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. The free chapters alone are enough to get you started developing your own Employment Game system.

The first chapter presents the grim realities of our current employment system and the rest of the book describes a positive and flexible framework you can put into action right away to increase your chances of finding work. And though I am trying to make a few dollars writing this blockbuster ebook, I truly want everyone reading it to get a new perspective on job hunting and use it to beat their competition. All it takes is the effort to polish your style, identify your prospects, and develop the nerve to contact them for work. The tools are logically presented here and when you act on them you will be surprised how effective they are.

What men are saying about Employment Game

The author describes unflinchingly what a man must do to survive in the new feminized economy. The only drawback is that women can use these tactics too…

– anonymous internet commentator

A word from the author, Elmer T. Jones

I am an average tech worker and not an employment guru or career coach. I have experienced everything described in this book. As I wrote it I had to execute Employment Game to find work in my industry and that forced me to refine each chapter through my experiences. In using the methods to find work I validated the concepts by enduring the crushing humiliations and soaring the heights of vindication.

You can save yourself a lot of effort by purchasing the complete book off Amazon.

You will get a lot of value for the money and will cherish this book for years to come.


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