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What “they” don’t want you to know about finding a job…

CEO : How Your Corporate Career Portal Drives Away Talent

HR is killing your company. A new book out titled Death by HR threatens to rip the lid off the sordid corporate HR hiring function and should be required reading … Continue reading

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Corporate HR Scrambles to Halt Publication of “Death by HR”

Nobody gets a job through HR. The purpose of HR is to protect their parent organization against lawsuits for running afoul of the government’s diversity extortion bureaus. HR kills companies … Continue reading

October 13, 2016 · 7 Comments

Geezers! How to Stop Griping About Ageism and Find a Job

Silicon Valley corporate executives make a big to-do about bigotry while creating all-white zipcodes, importing HB workers, and flagrantly expelling older ones from their companies.  Bloomberg writes a typical “jobs-concern” … Continue reading

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A Writing Production Machine

My blog posts are too long. This violates well-known content development rules for short-attention span audiences. Internet-addicted people want a quick buzz from provocative essays and have little interest in … Continue reading

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DoD Releases Hot New SBIR Opportunities

The SBIR program provides opportunities for you to win R&D funding for your company or new clients. It is also a back-door method to getting intel on who may be … Continue reading

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How to Crack HR

The modern female-dominated business recruiting function is toxic to men and a systemic barrier to their employment.  I wrote Employment Game to share with fellow men simple tactics that circumvent … Continue reading

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The Return of Employment Game

More and more I am becoming unemployable, even as I have amassed a wealth of expertise and wisdom that should have companies clamoring to offer me high-paying low-stress work as … Continue reading

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